The Wendell and Inez Robie Foundation

The Barsaleau Pavilion

The Park's biggest project to date was the Barsaleau Pavilion. We built this outdoor dining, meeting and socializing facility for Park visitors to enjoy. Overlooking the Meadow, the Pavilion honors one of our very special Foundation members, the late Richard Barsaleau, DVM.

Doc Barsaleau

"Doc" Barsaleau became a member of the Board of Directors of the Wendell & Inez Robie Foundation in 1988, serving as Corporate Secretary. More recently he served as an emeritus board member, providing his wisdom and good fellowship until finally riding on ahead in February of 2013. The Foundation is grateful beyond measure for his contributions these many years.

For those less familiar with this wonderful gentleman and extraordinary horseman, here are a few facts about his life:

  • Dr. Barsaleau spent his entire life as an equestrian advocate. He was instrumental in turning endurance riding into a recognized sport through his professional concern for the well-being of high performance trail horses, promoting the need for equestrian trails, and teaching good equestrian skills.
  • Son of a US Cavalryman, he earned his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. He was an equestrian owner, breeder, trainer, farrier, equine judge, and competitor with many types of horses in the disciplines of trail riding, English and western pleasure, hunter, jumper, stockhorse, polo, working cow horse, etc. He continued to be the consummate Student of the Horse and promoted education in equitation management and all around horsemanship throughout his life.
  • His life style focused on horses for over 68 years. His equestrian skills were learned from formal education as well as from the business end of a manure fork.
Doc Barsaleau
  • He judged horses professionally for 37 years throughout the US, Canada and Australia and is author of the original Handbook Guide for Veterinary Judges.
  • He was a lecturer, clinician, and demonstrator of equine use in the US, Canada, and Australia; wrote articles on equine performance, training, conditioning, etc, especially for long-distance use.
  • He served as a veterinarian and judge on the Western States Trail Ride (The Tevis Cup "100 Miles One Day" Ride) for six years. He also served on the Board of Directors of the Western States Trail Foundation and was an emeritus member of that Board. A defining moment came when he pulled founder Wendell Robie's horse from his own ride, which eventually led to a mutual respect that would last a lifetime.
  • In 1963 Dr. Barsaleau, along with Will Tevis, developed the Top 10 Rule for awarding the Western States Trail Ride's Haggin Cup for Best Condition, setting a standard in endurance riding competition which is followed to this day.
  • He was also a participant in the WS 100 Mile Ride with 14 completions out of 16 starts, three of which were top-ten finishes. He was a participant and top ten finisher in the Levi's Ride & Tie National competition and completed the Quilty Cup 100 Mile Ride in Australia.

Supporting Barsaleau Pavilion and other improvements at Robie Equestrian Park

100% of donations made to the Robie Foundation in memory of "Doc" Barsaleau are used to preserve the Barsaleau Pavilion and Robie Equestrian Park. On behalf of the Barsaleau family we thank you for your generous support.

Donations can be in the form of cash or in-kind services.
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